Intel CPU Specs to Consider When Buying a Laptop (Core i7 vs i5 vs i3)

Core i7 vs Core i3 Vs Core i5 CPU Specs to consider

The central processing unit is the big brains of any computer. The CPU you should buy boils down to what you will use your laptop for. This is one of the most important specs to consider when buying a new laptop. Some intel CPUs include core i7, i5, i3, Pentium, Celeron and Atom.

Intel Core i5

These CPUs are usually the best money for value. The price vs performance of intel i5 is of the best combination. These CPUs are budget friendly. Most mid-range laptops are currently shipping with i5 processors.

Also they are known for improved battery life when compared to the other central processing units. When it comes to use it is also right in the middle. If you are an occasional gamer this is the right cpu.

Coupled with a mid range graphics card, this processor plays most games on mid settings. Architecture and design software run averagely on this setup. Playing and working is perfect on an i5 without blowing your budget.

Intel Core i7

The intel core i7 is the crème dela crème of performance in computers. High end performance goes hand in hand with these processing units. What you should know is that your power bill will increase significantly with an i7.

These systems run games smoothly. You get maximum frame rates from games. As long as you have a good graphics card you get maximum potential in your laptop. Power gamers should get an i7. If you are a designer or an architect, you should aim for an i7 since software such as Lumion, Archicad, Revit and 3D Max will have no lag.

Intel Core i3

This is a cpu for working on light software only. If the main activity you will carry out with your new laptop is internet browsing, editing documents and media consumption you should buy an i3 laptop. These laptops are low power as compared to i5 and that also comes with a lower price point.

There are arguments that i3 laptops are of “lower” quality because the manufactures want to save as much as possible on production cost.

This is not usually true. Just look around and you will find outstanding laptops that have this central processing unit.

Most i3 processor are being used in 11 inch laptops.


The battery life of Pentium processors is poor. U should avoid them at all costs unless your budget is very limited. It’s like buying an iPhone 3GS, yes it was the best some few years back, but improvements in the industry has made it obsolete.

Celeron– we have only one word to describe and intel Celeron CPU right now “avoid”

Intel Atom

Intel atom is a low power consumption and cheap processor that is used in low end laptops. They have the advantage that they don’t require cooling fans and therefore very thin laptops can be achieved from them

There you go. If you follow our series on what to consider when buying a new laptop, at the end of it you will definitely make the right choice.

Processor Generation

You should always get the latest generation of any processor available.

This is because they consume less power and are usually faster if you compare them to predecessors. Intel is constantly improving its processors. 4 years ago 4th generation intel processor was a thing.

Right now you should only consider 7th generation or even generation 8 processors.