How to Rotate Desktop Icons Back to Their Original Position

A desktop screen that is upside down and rotated

At some point during the use of your laptop you’ll experience a rotated desktop. This is one of the simplest problems to solve on a computer. A rotated desktop screen might be caused when you accidentally pressed shortcuts on your computer that flipped the background. It might also be caused by your pet walking majestically across the keyboard. The culprit here is mostly your cat, who likes sitting on your laptop keyboard because of the warmth present there.

While you can change the screen orientation of your windows computer by right clicking anywhere on the “desktop” then going to “graphic options” then clicking “rotations” and choosing the “rotation degrees”, this option is usually very hard since the mouse movement is also messed up. Moving the mouse or trackpad will move the pointer in an unfamiliar direction to what you are used to.

Luckily windows shortcuts to change the screen orientation and fix rotated desktop screen/upside down icons.

To fix a rotated desktop screen by flipping the icons you can follow these steps:

#1. Hold “Alt” and “Ctrl” buttons on your computer’s keyboard

#2. Press the “Up Direction Key

This solves desktop icons that are rotated.

You should also beware that you press the up direction keys once since pressing it many times will make the screen blink continuously.

To rotated a screen 90 degree:

#1. Hold “Alt” and “Ctrl” buttons on your laptops keyboard

#2. Press the “left direction key”. Your desktop screen will change to a 90 degrees orientation.

To rotate your computer screen by 180 degrees:

#1. Hold “Alt” and “Ctrl” buttons on your machine’s keyboard

#2. Press the “down direction key

This will flip the desktop and all the icons will face downward.

Rotating desktop screen by 270 degrees:

#1. Hold “Alt” and “Ctrl” buttons on your laptop/desktop keyboard.

#2. Press the “right direction key

You can always press these keys to mess with your friends. If they are not aware of these shortcuts, they will struggle to fix this issue. Some of them will also think that this is as a result of a computer virus.

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