Integrated Graphics Vs Dedicated Graphics: Which One is Best for You

Comparison between discrete graphics vs Integrated Graphics

If you’re wondering if an Integrated graphics card or a discrete/ dedicated graphics card is appropriate for you, i’ve got the answers. An integrated graphics card is the type that comes bundles with the laptop processor. They are usually under powered because they are meant for light tasks and gaming. A discrete/ dedicated graphics card is/might be done by a third party.

They are usually specialized in graphics processing and thus made for heavier graphical tasks. Two players currently dominate the graphics card industry, Nvidia and AMD. You should consider what you will use your laptop for. This article is divided into categories of use and the suggested graphics card type to buy. You can scroll to find your preferred listing or otherwise read through to make yourself more conversant with the topic

Very Light PC Gaming/ Word Processing/ Light Media Consumption

Under this use category, you shouldn’t worry about the graphics card. You will not get any advantage from having a dedicated graphics card.

All PCs come with integrated cards and this should be enough for your daily tasks. You are better of saving the money you would have otherwise used for buying a laptop with a more powerful graphics card.

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Occasional PC Gaming/ average Media Consumption/ Mostly Word Processing Task

You should consider buying a laptop with a low end graphics card. This will be a fix for your occasional gaming habit. Purchasing a laptop with integrated graphics card might result in a hit on the frame rate per second of your game.

You will comfortable watch movies on this machine. A laptop with a low end graphics card should be enough for activities like watching YouTube and browsing through the internet. Also your work related activities might get a small performance improvement.

Average PC gaming/ Occasional Content Producer/ Heavier Word Processing

Some of you are like me, you can play a game for like one week, then the following three weeks you completely forget about it.

After that time, you start playing again. If this is the case with you, go for a laptop with an average graphics card.

To add to that if you are a content producer, you might consider buying under this category. This only applies to those who are light media producers who do it at their free time.

There is no need to buy a high end graphics card if you will only fire up Photoshop to crop an image and adjust brightness. Also, editing like a video a month will put you under this category.

Passionate PC Gaming/ Professional Content Producer/ Any Work

Get high end graphics card if you categorize yourself under this category. if getting maximum frame rates per second in your game is a priority, buy a graphics card that is top of the range.

Games these days are made to take advantage of graphics card when compared to the CPU. Content producers are youtubers, photographers, animators and even architects. If you produce content purchasing a laptop with Nvidia or AMD Radeon graphics chip should be your priority. These laptops are also able to accomplish any work related activities and is considered an overkill.

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